At Arab World Media, we shine a light in the darkness for Muslims by presenting the truth of the gospel online for those ready and seeking truth. In 2022, through digital technologies and media strategies, we actively engaged with over 14,000 Arab seekers online.

Seekers and new believers across the Arab world downloaded 11,302 digital Bibles. We welcomed 308 new believers into the family of Christ and witnessed 40 individuals take the next step in their faith by being baptised. 2022 has been an incredible year, and we are so grateful to have you on this journey with us.

We hope you will be blessed and encouraged by this annual report. God is indeed at work in the Arab world, transforming lives through the ministry of Arab World Media. Be sure to read the inspiring story of how reaching one Sudanese man with the gospel online led to the creation of sixty-nine house churches across the Middle East.

This ministry would not be possible without your steadfast prayer and support. We can't wait to see what God does in 2023.

R. Abu-Khalil,
Arab World Media Director

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Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”

John 8:12


For us here at Arab World Media, 2022 has been a year of expansion and innovation.

The number of Arab seekers and new believers who meet regularly in online groups doubled from 62 in 2021 to 111 in 2022. Praise the Lord for using the pandemic to help normalise meetings online, and how it has helped us to encourage many who are isolated and in desperate need of fellowship and connection to the body of Christ.

We are also excited to see more believers from a Muslim background joining us on our team – five in total now! It is vital for us to find a strong balance between those raised in the Christian faith and those who have left Islam to follow Jesus. The testimonies and input from both play a significant role as we continue our pursuit of sharing the gospel with the Arab world.

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God is at work in Morocco, and in 2022 we focused some resources on responding to what he is doing there. We produced three new pieces of video content in the Moroccan dialect, and hired a dedicated Moroccan online responder. Now we’re in the process of hiring a second! Of the 14,241 people we’re in active contact with, just under a quarter of them are from Morocco. Praise God with us for all he is doing in the region. We ask you to lift up Morocco and its neighbours, Algeria and Tunisia, as we seek more fruit from North Africa in 2023.

Our work in entering, exploring and experimenting with virtual reality (VR) is something that we’re really excited to share with you. We have been pushing forward in learning more about VR, specifically about how Arabs are using it and where to best use it to connect with spiritually open people. This is pioneering work and we’re one of very few – perhaps the only Arab-focused group exploring this space at the moment. A Kuwaiti man found himself in one of our VR poetry events and was astounded to come across actual Arab Christians. He shared that while he had heard that there were Arab believers, he had never met or spoken to one before.

And finally, we’re excited to share about the sister website that we have set up next to our main ministry site. ‘The Way of Truth’ has been created with Muslim scholars and students in mind. These religious leaders have tremendous power and influence across the Arab world. We are praying that God will lead some of these deep thinkers and academics to him and that we can be a part of encouraging and equipping them to go back out to their communities. We are humbled and excited by the testimonies we have already received from those connecting with us through the site.

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In just two years, God has worked powerfully to grow the Sudanese church both inside and outside of the country. In the fall of this year, we celebrated 19 new believers from house churches in Egypt coming together to be baptised. All of us in Arab World Media give praise to the Lord for using us to encourage and equip one man who went on to be the catalyst of a movement that has seen 69 house churches established. This is his story.

‘Mohammad, I will take this phone and call my family, and your family! When they hear that you have left Islam and become a Christian, they will travel here and kill you. So choose! Stop reading the Bible and return to Islam, or be killed!’

‘Habiba, I have experienced Jesus in my life and he has changed me. When I read the Bible it teaches me only to have one wife, not four like in Islam. It teaches me to be faithful to you and not cheat on you. Jesus teaches me to love you! In Islam, if you disobey me, I am entitled to punish you and beat you with a stick. Jesus doesn’t teach me that. He teaches me to love you, take care of you, and be faithful to you.’

‘Okay, you can keep reading the Bible.’


The first step of a seeker’s journey usually begins with something we refer to as ‘belief disruption’ – a moment, or a number of moments, in a seeker’s life, where what they always held to be true is suddenly shown to be false. For Habiba, it was the above conversation. For her husband, Mohammad, it was the Muslim-on-Muslim violence and oppression he saw within his home country of Sudan.

When the Muslim President sent Muslim troops to kill fellow Muslims and then use their Muslim women and children as slaves, Mohammad began to question where the root of the problem might be. He wondered if maybe it was Islam. When he met John, a white western aid worker, he asked him why he was there providing food, water and clothing to Sudanese Muslims. John told Mohammad that he was a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ who commanded that his people help those in need wherever they can.

‘It’s not about me, Mohammad; it’s about Jesus Christ.’

Mohammad thought deeply about John’s words. Why would this Jesus command his followers to act in such a peaceful way to those who weren’t Christians?

man standing in a door

‘Now I know about Christ! Now I know he is my Saviour! What do I need to do to follow Jesus and become a Christian?’

Life in Sudan became more and more difficult, so Mohammad decided that he would take his family and look for somewhere safer and more stable, somewhere like Egypt. In Egypt, he realised it was now much safer to seek out answers to his questions about Jesus. He searched online and soon found our Arabic Christian website. After spending some time reading, he came across our contact number and made the call. Long conversations with our responders quickly led to Mohammad asking to meet someone face-to-face. Our online Media team responders were excited to put him in touch with one of our Pioneers partners on the ground.

After two hours in a coffee shop, asking question after question, Mohammad jumped at the opportunity to join a Bible study group, quickly becoming a regular.

‘Now I know about Christ! Now I know he is my Saviour! What do I need to do to follow Jesus and become a Christian?’

On the day that Mohammad gave his life to Jesus in front of his Bible study group, they asked him, ‘What is the greatest need you have that we can pray for?’

‘I want to see my wife and children join me in the Christian faith. For them to worship God as I worship God.’

woman smiling


Mohammad made no effort to hide his new faith from his wife Habiba. She had grown up in a fundamental Muslim home and was angry and afraid when she began noticing him reading the Bible and watching Christian programmes.

During this time, the Pioneers team in Egypt began to run outreach programmes with the Sudanese refugee population. The presentations were about marriage and family and how God had designed them to work. Mohammad’s Bible study group encouraged him to bring Habiba along to one of them. While listening to the speaker talk about God’s design for marriage and raising children, Habiba leant over and whispered how much better their life would be if they followed this teaching. Mohammad agreed.

‘I keep dreaming about a man in white, shining garments. He is holding a cross and calling my name.’

After the presentation, Habiba found one of the female team members and shared a secret she had been hiding for weeks.

‘I keep dreaming about a man in white, shining garments. He is holding a cross and calling my name, saying that I am on the right path, that I should keep going, and that he wants me to follow him. What does it mean? Is that Jesus telling me to become a Christian?’

‘Yes. You are special and loved in God’s eyes. He wants you to believe in Jesus and follow him.’

Habiba decided she wanted to go to the same Bible study as her husband and learn more. Not long after, she too decided that this was the kind of God she wanted to follow. But something still held her back. So she told the Bible study group that if she had the dream again before she came back to the study the next week, she would give her life to Christ. Every night for the next seven days she dreamed the dream.

‘You are special and loved in God’s eyes. He wants you to believe in Jesus and follow him’


Mohammad, Habiba, and two of their three children were baptised soon after.


Mohammad and Habiba were passionate about sharing the Good News with their community. They shared their faith with another Sudanese woman called Zuba. She also believed, and the three of them decided to form a house church. The church grew, and so they gave birth to a new house church. Which in turn gave birth to another, and so on, until...



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Currently, only 10% of our ministry contacts are women, so this year we are doing more to reach women throughout the Arab world. We plan to grow our team of Arabic responders so we can engage with more seekers regularly. We are specifically hoping to bring more female responders into our team to better engage with and support Arab women who are seeking to know more about Jesus.

Our exploration in the virtual reality space is fresh and challenging. We are pioneering this as a new way of reaching seekers. Although it’s not a key focus for 2023, we are excited about what God has in store for this area of ministry.

Seeds we planted in the last few years are beginning to show signs of fruit. We look forward with faith and great anticipation of what God will do through the Arab World Media team and ministry in 2023.

Thank you for partnering with Pioneers and with us to see the gospel shared among Muslims of the Arab world.