Arab World Media Annual Report 2023

Annual Praise Report


Shining Light

'In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God…. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.'

At Arab World Media, we shine light in the darkness.

Using strategic digital media, we share the gospel online so Muslims seeking the truth about Christianity can find answers, be discipled, and connect with local believers.

3.4 billion people have little or no access to the gospel.

While the hope of the gospel has been spreading for thousands of years, billions of people have not yet had an opportunity to hear it.

Today, 24% of the world's population is Muslim. 460 million people live in the Arab world, 450 million follow Islam, and over 70% of the population have no access to the gospel.

Our primary focus is on the 22 countries of the Arab world, but our ministry impact is global. Many Arab Muslims now live outside of North Africa and the Middle East. The nature of internet ministry means we can reach individuals anywhere in the world.


Sharing God's Love

We are blessed to have seen growth across several areas of our ministry during 2023. God is doing exceptional work in preparing the hearts and minds of Muslims across the Arab world.

We shared God's love with millions of Arabs online and had personal conversations with over 19,000 individuals who asked to know more about the Christian faith. Our team of Arabic-speaking responders were available to chat and support those on their journey to know Jesus. Over 14,000 new believers and seekers downloaded a digital Bible and are now reading and learning from God's Word, and 465 people professed faith in Jesus as Lord and Saviour! Plus, 44 individuals took the next step in their faith and were baptised. We are thankful to God for how he has used our ministry to reach so many across the region.

Early in 2023, we spoke about our desire to share God's love with more Arab women. We know they hunger for the good news of love, acceptance and freedom through Jesus Christ. Still, at the beginning of 2023, they represented only a small percentage of those who connect with us.

As we prayed for women of the Arab world, we began sharing online the incredible stories of women in the Bible. This simple step encouraged more to connect with us. We want to continue to grow and better serve the women in the region, so we are developing new digital content that we believe will address their needs and concerns and help them see themselves as loved daughters of the King of Kings.


Deeper Conversations

In 2020, we began offering online discipleship groups, partly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. But in the last few years, we have found these groups to be a tremendous blessing to those who are hesitant or unable to meet in person. In 2023, we had 187 individuals involved in our online groups. We are encouraged that several attendees have received training and discipleship to give them the skills to start their own groups. We anticipate seeing more of these digital communities flourish and grow in 2024.

In-person meetings have slowly increased since the pandemic. Although meeting in person can pose a risk to some seekers, it’s an invaluable opportunity for discipleship and fellowship. We pray for more face-to-face meetings to be possible this year, as the relationships that form are often deep and truly meaningful.


In Search Of Joy

‘I was strict, following the letter of the law.’

Dr. K was a strict follower of Islam. Deeply religious, he dug deep into the writings of the Qur'an and into Muhammad's teachings. He adhered strictly to the letter of the law, demanding perfection of himself. He sought spiritual joy through Islam's teachings.

As a young man, he immigrated to the Arabian Peninsula, where he met and married his wife. They had a large family, and he raised his children to follow the principles of Islam, training them to become strict Muslims. He was an influential leader in the community and an evangelist for Islam. But all the while, he thought, 'I am not happy’.

He began seeking the truth, exploring different branches of Islam, hoping to find joy. Profoundly spiritual and committed, he poured his life into practising Islamic purification. He excelled at the required rituals and shared his faith with many people.

When his searching led him to switch to a different branch of Islam, his friends and family did not support him. Persecuted, he sought a safe place to live and, leaving his family and children behind, he moved to North Africa. Dr. K married again and started a new family. Focused on the rituals and purification rites demanded by Islam, he failed to find joy. He mentored others steeped in the spiritualism of Islam, but still he felt restless. Why was he teaching others to follow a pathway that had no joy? 'Why is there no joy? What am I doing wrong? Perhaps Islam does not bring joy,’ he thought.

His search led him to the internet, where he found our Arabic ministry website, and he started a conversation with one of our digital responders. Dr. K asked hundreds of questions, got his own Bible, and started attending an online Bible study. As he studied the Word of God, he found the joy of Jesus. He wanted more. 'What can I do to follow Jesus and become a Christian?'

He shared his joy in Christ with the digital responder with whom he had built an open relationship. The digital responder led him in a prayer of confession and acceptance of Jesus as his Saviour. Right there, over the phone, he became a new creation in Jesus. And there was joy!

He began to tell everyone he knew about his love of Jesus. 'I have found joy! Real joy in Jesus.'

He shared his faith openly. As a faithful Muslim and teacher of Islam, he had tremendous influence in Muslim communities. His decision to follow Christ did not go unnoticed. His wife's family was outraged. They encouraged her to divorce him and take the children with her. But she refused. She was attacked by her family and suffered severely. But she stood her ground and stayed with her husband. She questioned his new faith and his decision to follow Christ, but as he answered her questions and shared his faith in Jesus, she, too, found joy in Jesus. She accepted Christ as her Lord, and together, they committed to raising their children as Christians, teaching them God's love for them, and sharing in the joy of knowing Jesus.

Dr. K has begun working with our team on Bible study materials. He uses his knowledge and experience of Islam to create impactful content for Muslims seeking truth. His wife was the first to try the new Bible study. As she asked questions and grappled with new spiritual truths, he adjusted the Bible study lessons to make them even more relevant. This course will soon be available online for others to use.

We are so grateful for Dr. K and his wife and all they bring to our ministry. We thank God for lovingly drawing Dr. K to himself and leading him to our Arabic ministry website. Join us in praying for the family as they openly live their Christian faith and mentor men and women searching for deeper meaning and faith that brings joy.


Our Impact


clicks on ads and visits to our Arabic language website


individuals in active contact with one of our Arabic responders


digital Bibles downloaded


individuals met with a Christian believer face-to-face


individuals received discipleship in a group


individuals professed faith


individuals baptised

We are excited about the possibilities in 2024. Our ministry has consistently adapted and changed with current technologies and cultural needs, responding to where God is leading. 2024 is an exciting year as we continue to develop new content and technologies to better meet the needs of Arabs seeking truth. We look forward with faith and great anticipation to what God will do through the Arab World Media team and ministry in 2024.

Thank you for partnering with us as a part of Pioneers to see the gospel shared among Muslims of the Arab world.

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